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The pinsa is good, very good indeed … But why does everyone love PINSA ROMANA in Malta so much?

Eating in a Pinseria Romana is not just a fad but the pursuit of pleasure, taste, simplicity and sharing.

The Pinsa Romana is a dish to share and savor with friends.

Everyone has their own tastes, but what unites everyone is the choice to eat a pizza prepared with care and attention to detail.


pinseria romana valletta

The Pinsa Romana is beautiful!


its oval shape is a feature that makes it easier to eat!

It is not cut into wedges, but into square pieces, all perfectly tasty and crunchy at the right point!


roman pizza malta


Served on our wooden cutting boards, it stays warm and fragrant for longer and it is an immense pleasure until the last bite!

We brought the Pinsa Romana to Malta to let you taste a little of our tradition!
A special pizza, unique in flavor and appearance.

This is not just about the oval shape, though.

To call it Pinsa Romana, it must be the original one with the certified dough … And we have it!



How is it so digestible?


We never had any secrets with you … We like to explain everything about our recipes, especially because when you sit in a Pinseria Romana in Malta, there must be someone who tells the story of the original pinsa!

There is only one way to truly understand every characteristic of the Pinsa Romana:

you have to taste it!

Only after having tried the inimitable taste and digestibility of our Pinsa Romana in Malta will you really know what WE ARE TALKING about!




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With us there’s always something new!!



pinsa romana gzira



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