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The pizza in the common imaginary is red, with a tomato base on which the other ingredients are placed; furthermore, it was born with the colors of the Italian flag, and the red is one of these.
However, despite the numerous benefits of tomato consumption, this fruit is not good for everyone. For example, those suffering from stomach acid, reflux, gastritis or those who have developed some intolerance, would do well not to consume it; in other cases, there are those who simply do not like tomatoes.

The white pizzas are characterized precisely by the absence of tomatoes, usually offset by a greater quantity of cheeses. In recent years, white pizzas have entered the top ten of the most ordered pizzas, also because they are a version considered lighter or otherwise different.

The white pizzas range from lighter versions – with only rosemary, salt and oil for example – to more elaborate versions, in which we find condiments such as gorgonzola, sausage and grilled vegetables. We can say that these pizzas do not lack in taste and richness of ingredients!
So why not try a white pizza once in a while?