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Have you ever eaten in Rome? … In the most beautiful city in the world, where wherever you look you fall in love at first sight … If you’ve never been there, go there … Then you will truly understand the special feeling Romans have for their city!

… And it is precisely for this reason that we have brought Rome and Roman cuisine to Malta. Carbonara, amatriciana and Cacio e Pepe! We like to eat well and be together.
The Romans at the table joke, fall in love, argue and make peace because food is a cult around which everything revolves!






Starting with pasta, we Romans put our heart into our dishes! Few ingredients, perhaps among the simplest we know … Yet we manage to bring out a unique flavour, an unmistakable scent and an exaggerated consistency. Many try to prepare a Cacio e Pepe pasta or a Carbonara in Malta, but how many really manage to make it so creamy and full-bodied?!

Roman pasta is the cornerstone of Italian cuisine in the world. All over the planet, they know Carbonara. If you talk to a Melbourne child, an Algerian student, a Japanese old man, or an Inuit with a red nose … Everyone knows carbonara and, above all, everyone likes it !!




Carbonara is perhaps the most imitated dish in the world.
If you want to eat a nice plate of Carbonara in Malta, you have to come to us, at Zero Sei, the Roman trattoria in Valletta! Then yes, you will be able to say that you have tasted the original Roman Carbonara in the Maltese archipelago

The one that brings back the whole Roman Empire with every bite! That pasta that when you put it in your mouth you feel the authentic flavor of Guanciale Sa.No. that melted in the pan to give you a concentrate of pleasure! How wonderful when you bite into a rigatone and you find a crispy GUANCIALE surprise in it … These are the little daily joys of life!


You can come to our Roman restaurant to order a nice Amatriciana pasta. While you eat it you almost seem to see the Colosseum and all the Kings of Rome, but you are lucky … Because you eat the real Amatriciana, made well, in Malta, near the sea, where all peoples have passed over the centuries! We have combined the charm of this island full of history and pleasure for the good life, with the good food of our tradition!


carbonara malta


You can’t enjoy Malta if you don’t taste the best Carbonara on the island … At Trattoria Zero Sei. Any dish you order recreates the same emotions you would feel in Rome!

If you are thrilled with the poetry of our trattoria, come and try Roman cuisine in Valletta, perhaps sitting at our tables outside, to enjoy the view of the suggestive Maltese alleys.

We have invented a perfect mix: the Roman Empire on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean, between Maisonette and yellow street lamps in a unique city like Valletta!