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We have a secret … We like to take our traditions into the future: roman cuisine in Valletta!


To combine tradition and future


For us, it is important to preserve the aromas and flavours of the past and introduce them to the new generations, to young people who love to eat well in Malta!

Behind each dish that we prepare there is a story, an experience, a slice of everyday life that opens a window to the past …


SAMPIETRINI: typical kind of pavement found in the historic district of Rome


Our kitchen cupboard full of ingredients, the grandmothers who explained us how to make each dish truly unique!

Today the kitchen is rediscovering the flavours of the past and we must leave to the young generations a very special culinary legacy!

valletta roman cuisine

roman cuisine Valletta


Flavour is flavour!


If on one hand it is true that taste is a subjective fact, on the other hand there is the flavour, the essence of a dish that everyone can grasp!

What’s better than eating a dish prepared with love?

Love comes from the past, from nostalgia and a passion for what we have been taught.


roman pasta valletta

Tales of real life!


We know what it means to tell about this past and all our culinary traditions.

We have decided to bring the origins of Roman cuisine to Malta to explain them to those who do not know them … To excite those who taste them!


Simple and authentic!


Roman cuisine is simple.

We have always told the simplicity of a cuisine that was born in an era where the real substance is not in the ingredients, but in the preparation.


fausto soldini malta

Fausto Soldini – Guanciale SA.NO.


Few authentic products are enough to create incredible flavours. The strength of Roman cuisine lies in the skill of those who blend, blend and emphasize each ingredient.


roman cuisine Valletta


Starting from a simple “rigatone” you get to that Carbonara pasta dish that you all love so much.

It has never been enough for us to pamper you with our Roman cuisine in Malta.



We have also worked to share with you our recipes and the products we use in the creation of each dish.




We taught you how to prepare pasta as we do it.
We have revealed the secrets, tricks and procedures with which the ancient Roman grandmothers prepared the most famous dishes of traditional cuisine!


roman trattoria malta


Our ROMAN CUISINE in Valletta


From our kitchen in Valletta come the same scents that we smelled as children while playing in the courtyard with the other children!


roman restaurant valletta

Lunch – Valletta


We like to think that all this can excite you too … Roman cuisine in Malta has remained original thanks to our commitment.




carbonara malta

We import the original typical products and use the same raw materials to make each Roman dish in Valletta a journey into the most ancient history of Rome!