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If you want to eat Carbonara in Malta you have to taste Fausto’s! The real Roman cuisine in Malta!

First of all, in his kitchen, he does not limit himself to preparing the authentic recipes of Roman cuisine, he feels them, explains them and makes them really exciting.




A good plate of Carbonara pasta in Malta is not an easy thing to find.

Yes, many can prepare Roman specialities on the island, but for how many Carbonara represents their tradition, their identity and their past?

Fausto Soldini is not only the owner of a Roman cuisine restaurant in Valletta: he is the spokesperson for an entire Italian subculture which he expresses

through many careful gestures.


carbonara valletta





Did you know that Fausto personally chooses the companies from which he purchases the products?

He selects the best products and then visits the suppliers one by one to better understand their work and closely follow each stage of their production.

He supports and privileges companies that work professionally and that preserve the fundamental principle of eating well: genuineness!

This is why Zero Sei’s Carbonara in Valletta is a real institution in Malta; because in addition to being good and well made, it is healthy, tasty and genuine like the pasta Romans eat at their grandmothers’ house.

His Carbonara has the most important ingredient … PASSION FOR TRADITIONS!


italian supermarket malta





If Fausto chooses Salumificio there is a reason!

He wants his guanciale to be from Amatrice, the original town of the famous Amatriciana pasta!

He wants it to be the best guanciale, produced by a serious and conservative company that is always looking towards the future.

In short, Fausto wants it to be the real, authentic and inimitable one with which his Carbonara is truly the queen of Roman cuisine in Malta!






Fausto introduced us to the real Roman pecorino cheese in Malta.


roman cheese gzira


The Pecorino Romano that Fausto Soldini uses is called “Deroma”;
as much as it looks like a play on words due to branding, this is the actual surname of the producer !!

It is no coincidence that they are keen to maintain that traditional flavour that makes pasta dishes a real speciality!


roman chef malta




At Zero Sei we only use quality pasta:

“Al dente” enough to be loved by everyone and rough, delicateCompletely “submissive” to the Carbonara cream! Oh yeah … La Molisana is the perfect pasta to find this symbiotic balance between sauce and rigatoni!

la molisana malta





Try making your own sauce with the finest Italian tomato!

italian cuisine malta




The commitment of Fausto Soldini is always active towards progress and brings with it every legacy of the Lazio tradition to the table.

For example, many have tasted FETTINE PANATE, roman meat breaded slices, only at Zero Sei.

They are not the famous COTOLETTA MILANESE ( really yummy too!), and they are every bit as good and tasty … Those large and thin meat breaded slices cause a sort of addiction! Eating them in Valletta at Fausto’ it’s like going to his mother’s for lunch on Sunday!

Inside there is the welcome, love and sociability that are an integral part of the Roman culinary tradition.





Fausto is our eighth king of Rome, both in the kitchen and in private life!

Did you know that he prepares bread, butter and anchovies for a snack? The typical snack prepared by the Roman grandmothers of the past! Simple, tasty and nutritious !! At Zero Sei simplicity is at home!





If you go to Prosciutteria in Gzira you can find all the typical Lazio products that are used in the kitchen of Zero Sei, and you can buy them to prepare your Roman recipes at home! Follow Fausto Soldini’s advice, use authentic products and put your commitment and love into them … Only in this way will your Carbonara be as fantastic as that of ZERO SEI in Valletta!


roman cuisine malta