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If you think Italians eat more pizza than anyone else, this news will surprise you: it seems that Americans eat almost twice the pizzas eaten in Italy per person!

Pizza in the United States is loved as much as in Italy and there is some American even convinced that pizza was born right there. Now, leaving aside arguments that could trigger patriotic discussions, we will list below some American habits and recipes related to pizza.


New York style


The New York pizza is the symbol of the Big Apple, it is related to “combat food” because it is consumed folded in two while walking, working, driving … in any case, never sitting on a table. The dough is soft and thin and the most popular versions are pizza margherita, pizza cheese or the famous one with pepperoni.

Just to let you know how much the New Yorkers care about this tradition: when Mayor Di Blaso took a photo while eating a pizza sitting om a table with a knife and a fork, he has been flooded with criticisms and protests by NY people. New York style pizza needs to be strictly consumed with your hands, standing and walking, even better in a hurry.


Chicago style


Even in the Midwest people love pizza, more precisely the deep dish pizza. This is a thick and high-crust pizza – very high – covered with various layers of tomato, mozzarella and grated cheese; if it is not too heavy for you, you can add bacon, minced meat, pepperoni, mushrooms and peppers. In Chicago is very famous even the  stuffed pizza, another not-so-light pizza.


California style


California Style is a pizza with thin edges, famous for the imaginative ingredients with which it is proposed. Let’s just say that many of these ingredients would be banned in every Italian pizzeria, an example for everyone is the avocado.


New Haven Style


New Haven is located in Connecticut and considered itself the homeland of pizza. New Haven style is a slimmer pizza than the New York one, has an elongated shape, a crunchy crust and is cooked in charcoal furnaces. Usually, this pizza is served on sheets of baking paper.




The name means sponge: the sponge dough, in fact, absorbs all the baking oil, resulting spongy inside and crispy on the outside. It is usually seasoned with tomatoes, onions, anchovies, caciocavallo and breadcrumbs.