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When we choose a pizza, we order a beer almost automatically. Actually this is not the best match, as pizza and beer contain both yeasts, fermenting in the stomach and slowing digestion.

So why not match a good wine with the pizza? For many people, it seems a strange and forced match; Well, now we will try to break this myth. First of all, remember that the world of wines is vast, so there are for sure the right combinations.


Which wine would go best with pizza?


First of all, there are some factors to consider when choosing the best wine for the pizza: tomato, cheese and garnish; actually, the type of dough does not affect the choice of wine.

If tomato is a predominant ingredient in the pizza, it is preferable to choose a white wine to counteract its acidity. Red wine, in this case, leaves a taste too strong on the palate. Obviously, this is the case of pizza margherita, even if someone suggests to pair it with a good rosé, a combination that is still uncommon but effective.


If pizza is more elaborate, with a greater number of ingredients, it is better to choose a full-bodied wine, not too aged because it may be too “aggressive”.

If on the pizza there are cold cuts or meats, such as sausage, you can counteract their strong taste with a red wine; a sparkling lambrusco could be the best choice: it dissolves and hides the salty taste of this pizzas.


The pizzas in which cheese prevails – such as white pizzas, that usually make extensive use of mozzarella and other dairy products – need a white wine that can give freshness and cleanse your mouth. Why don’t you try a sparkling wine, maybe a prosecco?


White wines are therefore the most recommended for pizzas, because they have a more delicate taste and enhance the flavors.


Nowadays a growing number of pizzerias offer a well-stocked wine menu to choose from. At this point, at least for one time, leave the beer on a side, do not worry too much and have a new experience!