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The pizza-beer combination is probably as important as the pizza itself; in short, a good beer is almost obligatory in a pizzeria. But what is the best beer to match with the pizza we choose?


Everyone – or at least the vast majority of us – always orders the classical blonde with pizza, but sometimes it is not the best match. We will list some useful tips below if you want to try a different combination than the usual beer.

Of course, even in this case, we have to start from the assumption valid even for wine-matching: subjectivity always wins.


How to pair pizza and beer?


First of all, the most important thing: both pizza and beer have a high content of yeast that slow down the digestion. Therefore, avoid to order a low quality beer when you are eating a pizza.


There is a potentially infinite number of pizzas, so choosing the right beer is an undertaking that can be very difficult.

Keep in mind that sweet beers are preferable, because they are able to counteract the acidity of tomato and mozzarella more effectively. So, you can choose  blond, red and white beers without problems; avoid the dark ones because their too toasted taste does not match well with pizza.


Another very important rule is to combine delicate pizzas with delicate beers and tasty pizzas with stronger beers.

For example, the simplicity of a pizza margherita can be combined with a lager beer with not so much hop: it is a beer that does not have a distinctive aroma and flavor and is therefore well combined with the flavor of this pizza.


Then, remember to look for some common flavor between your pizza and the beer that you choose, but also try to balance their tastes; it may seem like a controversy, but you will avoid that the flavors prevail over each other.

In this case, an amber double malt, with a sweet taste, pairs perfectly with spicy or cheesy pizzas: it compensate for the strong flavor and “clean” the palate.

Pizzas with vegetables prefers a beer that contrasts the acidity of the vegetables, so an Ale is the best choice.

To make another example, the pizza alla marinara marries a Weizen: the soft taste and the spicy flavor go well for this pizza with a strong character.


These are just a few general tips, then the personal taste surely – and rightly – will prevail. However, for the next pizza, instead of choosing the usual blonde, try to experiment with some pairings with your friends: you will break the usual monotony and, who knows, the results would be amazing.