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There are many stories to tell about Pinsa Romana.

There are several theories regarding its origins, but just one is certain:

Fausto Soldini, brought PINSA Romana in Malta.

We could talk about this man for hours: his sympathy, his charisma, the resourcefulness and the simplicity with which he tells us the origins of his restaurant philosophy, are a universe to get lost in…

pizza malta

Fausto was born in Rome, like his beloved Pinsa.

For him, the preparation of the dough is the basis of a whole series of careful and precise procedures.
Ever since Fausto brought his Roman “Pizza” to Malta, he has always kept faith with the importance of raw materials and the slow and controlled leavening that makes his Pinsa good, crunchy and highly digestible for everyone.

roman pizza valletta

Just a trend?


If it is true that the Pinsa Romana has become a culinary trend imitated by many, there is the original one and Fausto, with his authentic version, boasts every advantage.


Why is the original better?


Starting from the flour that is artfully blended, thanks to the skill of a true “pinsaiolo”, up to the times and ways in which the Pinsa is kneaded and finally served with an infinite number of variations that satisfy all tastes.


The Pinsa Romana is not simply an elongated pizza!

Just like other types of pizzas, the queen of lightness and of the Capitoline taste, needs special care and attention.

And on the Pinsa? What is Fausto’s secret?


If an inimitable work is hidden underneath, there are no secrets above the Pinsa Romana.

Each ingredient that completes the original Pinsa Romana is the result of a careful selection of raw materials.
Truffles, artisan cured meats, aged cheeses, burrata, mozzarella, courgette flowers, juicy cherry tomatoes and vegetables that come from the garden to bring a flavor that brings back to the table of the past on the Pinsa Romana of Fausto.

And then there is the Carbonara variant that cannot be more Roman than this!

So … The Pinsa Romana in Malta, original and faithful to the Lazio tradition, made us taste it by Fausto Soldini.

Fausto Soldini: the magician of the Pinsa ?!


… No magic! Just a lot of experience and the desire to bite a slice of Romanism on this very special island.
Since La Pinsa Romana di Sotto arrived in Malta it has become a real tasting race!

pinserie romane malta

Everyone wants to taste it and everyone falls in love with its crunchiness and that sensation that only a bite of Pinsa Romana can give.

If you don’t know the real and original Pinsa Romana in Malta, now is the time to taste it!

Fausto Soldini’s Roman pinserie are in Valletta, Gzira, Marsascala and soon also in St Julian’s.
In each of them you will find different versions and Roman specialties to accompany this pizza which, in addition to fashion, tells a story of love and passion!