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Today we explain what “Cottura al dente” means and why you should always eat your pasta that way!

When we say “cottura al dente”, we mean that the pasta is neither overcooked nor too raw. The consistency is firm and robust, but pleasant on the palate.

It is important to get used to eating pasta al dente because it is much more digestible!

You know that for us the digestibility of each recipe is very important, which is why when we prepare the Pinsa Romana dough we always let it rise slowly and make it undergo a double cooking in the oven!

But let’s talk about our pasta… Indeed pasta in general is one of the most loved dishes all over the world!

Obviously, there are different preferences from person to person, but there is a cooking that by convention is considered the best: the “cottura al dente”


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Having a thicker consistency it brings you to chew more carefully, a process that sets in motion the salivary glands; the consequent mouth watering act on the starch making it much easier to digest.

Overcooked pasta tends to blend too much with the sauce and risks making the ingredients undistinguished.

What could be nicer than twisting the spaghetti and feeling its sweet resistance to the fork?

While you start this operation you can admire the sauce that drip from the pasta releasing its intense aROMA!


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The same goes for rigatoni, farfalle and any shape of pasta of your choice. The pasta must remain intact and well compacted to release its true essence.

A secret for beginners? First of all, use the right pasta! There are pastas and pastas and when the pasta is of high quality, it is much easier to keep the right consistency in cooking.

Do you want to know what pasta we use at Zero Sei in Valletta? PASTA LA MOLISANA, a tribute to tradition in every format!

Ask us for advice on how to choose the right sauce for each type of pasta!



Once you have chosen, you can immerse yourself with all the passion you have in your favorite recipe!

Keep the water boiling in the pot and stir it from time to time to prevent it from sticking.




Enjoy the act of cooking because it is already part of your experience of taste and magic that will make you fall in love with every bite of your pasta!

Drain it a minute earlier than expected and dip it into the pan with the sauce still hot!

By continuing to cook together with the sauce, whatever it is, your pasta will become a perfect harmony for the palate!


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One last tip, if you are used to eating it more cooked … Try to gradually decrease the cooking time to gently get used to the right traditional consistency of the pasta.

Eating is a bit like going to school … Every day is a new day!

Every day we compare, we ask ourselves and we learn to know each ingredient of the kitchen better!

In our Roman restaurant in Malta we try to satisfy your cooking requests to satisfy every taste. At the same time we like to advise you on the best way to reach the pinnacle of pleasure that a plate of pasta can give!


Always ask us for advice on combinations, cooking and the tastiest and most creative variations of your pasta!


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Do you want to taste our Roman Cuisine?

We are waiting for you at ZERO SEI IN VALLETTA for an experience to be lived! Good wine, traditional Lazio cuisine and lots of overwhelming joy!


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Fausto soldini and Lucienne Gatt Gauci


Cook with Fausto!

Do you want to take a video-course of Roman cooking? With Fausto learning how to cook pasta is simple and fun.


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Irony and his experience are the perfect combination to be a true master in the kitchen!