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Yep … Tiramisu is one of the strongest temptations for the taste buds !!

Where does the passion for Tiramisù come from? Why is it a dessert so loved by everyone?


roman cuisine malta


In Malta, everyone loves this speciality of a somewhat mysterious origin!


Piedmont, Tuscany, Veneto and other regions claim the origins of this delicious recipe … But We combine it so well with Roman cuisine in Malta that we will never do without it on our menu!


Best tiramisù in Malta?

We do it!

Everyone goes crazy for our tiramisù! Even if after lunch or dinner you have no space for anything else … When we offer you our tasty Tiramisù you can never say no!

And if someone at the table doesn’t ask for it, they never resist stealing some from the others!

Our tiramisù in all its delicious variations has become a dessert icon in Malta!



Classic tiramisù


We like traditions … We are always fond and faithful to the origins of each recipe and, even if we have fun creating unique variations, we never abandon the classic tiramisù!

Our classic and single-portion tiramisù is perfect to complete a meal that has already warmed your heart!

After a super Carbonara pasta in Valletta, dessert is practically mandatory.


roman cuisine malta


That intense coffee taste that combines with the sweetness of the mascarpone cream is a true PARADISE of flavour !!

Sometimes we are amazed at how such an apparently simple course can leave you with an unforgettable flavour for the rest of the day.





We also have fun creating new and better and more exclusive versions.

One of the most popular tiramisù variations in our Roman trattoria in Valletta is the Pistachio Tiramisù. A true effervescence of emotions that are revealed little by little with each teaspoon.




The dessert is a bit like the completion of the meal and a bit like the beginning of digestion! It is that flavour that the soul requires of us when we are already satisfied with what we ate, but we need to put the lid on so much goodness … And then comes the Tiramisù … Shy, discreet and authentic, as we know how to do it!


carbonara malta


Plunging the spoon into the tiramisù of those sitting at our table is too strong a temptation …

…You just have to do it !!

Don’t hold back the urge to taste it which often turns into:

“Can you bring me one more, please?”

But we already know it and we have a nice and ready one that arrives at the table in an instant !!

All you have to do is taste the intense coffee aroma of the creamiest and most authentic tiramisù in Malta!!


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