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Food is an integral part of Italian culture and the whole world adores this gastronomic tradition. But abroad people do not envy Italy only for pasta and pizza! here there is a list of the most popular Italian foods in all over the world


  • Pizza


Probably the pizza is the most popular and loved Italian food around the world. Despite more or less imaginative revisions in vogue abroad, the most famous pizza is Margherita; according to legend, it takes its name from Queen Margaret of Savoy, to whom it was served for the first time.


  • Pasta


You can find pasta on the tables all around the world, in its different shape such as spaghetti, fusilli, rigatoni, shells… Whether it’s spaghetti, fusilli or bucatini – and the more you put it – the pasta is present on kitchen all around the world! There are many classic cooking methods as there are many varieties, especially overseas, where there are those who use it as a side dish and who eat it with ketchup …


  • Lasagna bolognese


The lasagna bolognese is a typical meal of Bologna and one of the most popular italian food abroad, especially loved by children.

This speciality is formed by alternating layers of fresh pasta, bolognese sauce and bechamel cooked in the oven; this is one of the most requested meal in every Italian restaurant.


  • Risotto


The risotto, known and appreciated almost everywhere, is born in Piedmont and the basic ingredients are the rice grains and the broth, which makes it creamy. The preparation is not as simple as it sounds, as doses and attention in cooking are critical to not making it too dry or too liquid.


  • Pesto sauce


Although it may seem strange to someone, the pesto sauce – the  typical sauce from Genoa – is one of the most sought-after Italian foods by tourists on holiday in Italy.

According to some studies, in fact, pesto stands at the top of the list of favorite foods with even 18% of preferences.


  • Tiramisù


This delightful dessert is highly cherished by tourists who visit Italy. The ingredients and preparation are simple, but the effect of the coffee combined with the creamy mascarpone makes it a very appreciated dessert. Its origins are not certain and discussions are still ongoing, but everyone agrees that it is one of the best Italian desserts!


  • Ice cream


Ice cream, whose origins date back to Roman times, is now spread all over the world. Compared to the famous Anglo-Saxon ice cream, however, Italian ice cream is less sugary and more creamy and does not have long storage times (up to two or three days) due to the use of fresh ingredients. Its intense flavor makes it a perfect dessert or a snack that cannot be missed during italian summers.