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If you want to eat well at home you must have high-quality products, selected from the best manufacturers! Taste our Italian food products in Malta!




We know how difficult it is to find fine products in large supermarkets and, for this reason, here you can find cold cuts, cheeses, pasta, preserves and typical products of Roman and Italian cuisine.

If you are in Gzira or Sliema, you can find all this goodness at the Prosciutteria.






ALIMENTARI DI LUSSO, where you can buy Italian products, with which you can amaze your guests and your family.

Have you ever tried our porchetta?


pinseria romana gzira


Bringing a plate of porchetta prepared with the original Roman recipe to the table is immense satisfaction.

Eat it with warm bread or white focaccia prepared by us.

Porchetta with PINSA ROMANA is a perfect LUNCH!

porchetta sliema



If you are a salami lover, here you can find the best salami of central Italy, to be sliced at your home whenever you want!

They are highly sought-after products of the highest quality and after tasting them you will notice the difference from all the other salamis!

Our Aquilano salami has become one of the most popular articles by our loyal customers.

italian supermarket malta

The good salami in Malta!


The Italians love it because it reminds them of their roots … The Maltese appreciate it because for them eating well is a real pleasure!

You can order Italian food products in Malta, or come directly to us to get them!


sliema italian food shop


Our buffalo mozzarella, accompanied by juicy Maltese tomatoes (that you surely already have at home!), will be a simple dish of great effect!

Prepare a few slices of crispy bread, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, basil and lunch is done!

We have the SAN DANIELE HAM, the real one!


sliema italian food


We can slice it on the spot to give you an authentic ham flavor that has never been in a plastic box!

Taste all our cheeses from Lazio.

They are tasty, seasoned and are perfect for an aperitif with your friends!


italian food shop malta


If you are a lover of truffles, you will appreciate the strong flavor of our Valnerina truffles.

Excellent to complete a good plate of pasta and very practical to add to your sandwich during lunch break!

If you like to cook, then you will already know our kits to prepare carbonara and many other traditional Roman sauces.


italian supermarket malta


You can also follow online courses of Fausto Soldini’s roman cuisine … Then you will be really sure to prepare pasta as it is made in Rome!

What are you waiting for?

Come and taste all our Italian products to cook at home without too much effort.

Each ingredient will become the protagonist of your family lunches and dinners!


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