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Why has his Pinsa Romana in Malta become so popular?

Because around his beloved pinsa there is a creative, suggestive and ironic world that makes everything even more sparkling! But the life of an entrepreneur is not always easy …

Fausto Soldini, interviewed by the well-known magazine DELICIOUS, once again shared some of the secrets of his success and his never-ending desire to dream and look towards the future! With the occasion he talked about himself and shared his mood about the current situation.

Thanks to his funny expressions, witty jokes and contagious cheerfulness, Fausto has become the king of the Capitoline pizza in Malta, but behind his smile, there are thoughts, doubts and good intentions.

What originally was meant to be an interview on la Pinsa romana, quickly shifts to the current local food industry and the challenges it offers. Like many other food entrepreneurs, Fausto felt the bite from the Covid-19 pandemic.


Thus begins the article dedicated to the most loved Pinsa Romana in Malta! Fausto tells the drama of the lockdown seen through the eyes of an entrepreneur and a dreamer!

Closed airports, fear of infections, employees to be protected and, above all, a time when the future had become uncertain for many, indeed for everyone.


Fausto remarks that this is inevitably impinging on the economic and operational sustainability of numerous eateries across the island.

He defines himself as a “food lover” and says he has many ideas to suggest in order to support the island and its entrepreneurs in these complicated times with no historical precedent.


ristoranti romani malta



Every idea needs people so let us hope for the best. Let us hope for a better future…

This is how his interview with the well-known culinary magazine “Delicious” ends.


A true story made up of daily life and the desire to overcome difficulties.


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Once again we are proud to be represented by a man like him, able to always look ahead and not limit himself to his “garden”, hoping for a luxuriant growth for the whole Maltese economy.

It is thanks to people like him that we can still think that “We will make it” 🌈

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