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How do you eat pizza? Everyone have had the occasion to notice several “styles” of pizza eaters: who understands about pizza and eat it with the respect it deserves, and who is just there to put something in his stomach.


The etiquette provides several food to eat with the hands, such as bread, pastries and Grana Padano cheese; however, pizza should be eaten with cutlery, unless it is a pizza slice.

Now, in an informal situation, no one will look bad at you if you eat pizza with your hands, like the vast majority of people. However, there are some basic “rules” that would be good to keep in mind.



  1. pizza has to be eaten hot



Although a good pizza can be warmed-up even the day after, if you want to taste all its flavors and its qualities do not let it cool: there is nothing better than a good steaming pizza.


  1. Round pizza has to be cut in triangular slices


Avoid strange shapes and start cutting the pizza out of the center. In this way, slices are more comfortable to eat with your hands and, if you prefer to use knife and fork, you can then split them into smaller pieces.


  1. As we have already said, the etiquette provides the use of cutlery


However, you can also eat it with your hands: just fold the slice in half; if there is need, push the tip of the slice inward with the fork, to don’t drop the ingredients.


  1. crust is the last thing to eat


You begin to eat, of course, from the tip of the slice to the crust. The only thing to do at the beginning with the crust, as experts suggest, is to open it a little bit to see if the rising and cooking are appropriate.


  1. you have to eat the whole pizza


Many people leave the crust on the plate because they consider it indigestible; there are those who gnaws it and those who cut it off directly as first thing. Actually, if you are eating a good pizza, the crust is the best part, also because from that you can appreciate the dough.