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We are going to talk about a rather complicated theme: the food and wine pairing.

The difficulty is due to the fact that this is a topic related to subjectivity of people, so often there are discussions between – real or amateur – experts.

So, what we will do here will only be to suggest you some tricks and guidelines, shared by everyone, that can help you to choose the right wine to serve on the table.


  • First of all, try to identify all the flavors of food, such as sweet, salty, acidic, bitter or spicy.


  • Once this is done, you have to enhance or compensate these flavors with wine, looking for a certain balance between the two. For example, with spicy foods are preferable wines with a more tasty flavor, or even desserts should be combined with sweet wines.


  • We take now the opportunity to deflating a couple of myths about meat, fish and wine to pair with them. First of all, red wines CAN be combined with fish, provided they are delicate wines; ok, we admit that these combinations need some experience, but with a verdicchio or a bardolini you can go safe. Nobody then obliges you to match only red wines with meat! Indeed, white meats can be combined with wines of the same color, the important thing is that they have a rather strong flavor.


Since the taste buds get easily used to new flavors, the food we are eating, with every bite, seems less and less tasty . Therefore, the right pairing is important, because the right wine serves to “rinse your mouth”, combining with the food and making every bite as good as the first!

Now, feel free to experiment and find the best matches for you!