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April 6, 2022, will be Carbonara’s World Day.

Said like this it seems like any other day, especially for us… But, as every year, we want to celebrate this Roman dish so special and loved all over the world.


One of the most imitated and revisited recipes of the Italian culinary tradition.

A true model of inspiration that has given vent to the creativity of many, in every corner of the world!


malta carbonara day




Even in the jungle, there is someone who cooks Carbonara pasta and they don’t care if they use snake eggs or diced wildebeest ham … The real chef who prepares Carbonara doesn’t care what others say!

But we, who ONLY cook AUTHENTIC CARBONARA, prepared with original ingredients of the Roman recipe… We have revealed to each customer the true essence of CARBONARA pasta

Because the more they copy it, the more we are proud of it!!




The secret? Do you really want to know what is the secret to preparing the perfect Carbonara pasta? The accent… A little Roman talk with the ingredients!

Because with pancetta and bacon you can speak to us in English, Finnish, Austrian … But if you have GUANCIALE in your hands, the AMATRICIAN one from SALUMIFICIO SA.NO …. If you don’t speak Roman, the ingredients won’t understand you.

And as any good chef knows, the ingredients must be in synergy with those who prepare the recipe.


carbonara malta




This year we decided to celebrate CARBONARA in our own way … Since the original artfully made one you eat at ours every time you visit our Roman restaurant in Valletta

We want to see your variations.



We want to celebrate with the CRAZIEST CARBONARA IN THE WORLD!


  • The bacon variant (one of the least cheeky and irreverent)
  • The cooked ham variant (rude and impertinent)
  • The variant with cream (perfect for pastry shops)
  • The variant with grated Swiss cheese (It should be grateful to be mentioned at all)
  • The variant with the fried egg on top (perfect for English breakfast)
  • The variant with parsley (which inspired new bad words to be minted)


………And whoever knows more can list them!

Let us know all the most unusual, disrespectful and censurable CARBONARA that you have tasted or cooked!

And you? Which variant have you prepared of Carbonara? Are you capable of cooking an authentic carbonara or are you an imaginative chef full of courage?


fausto soldini malta

Pecorino romano Deroma DOP



So, we invite you to participate by commenting on our post on Facebook with a photo of your CARBONARA variant.

The photo that receives the most likes will win two prizes:


A Carbonara Kit to cook the original recipe!

Brace yourselves …


The winner will be personally invited by our Fausto Soldini to cook his version of Carbonara while our “fake” expert will prepare his original recipe and taste them both!


What do you think? Can you make the most shameless Carbonara in the world?

Now it’s your turn