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Located on the famous Colli Albani, the  area of Castelli Romani rises on a territory of volcanic origin and include 13 small towns, some of them well-known abroad, such as Frascati, Castel Gandolfo, Rocca Priora, Ariccia and Albano Laziale. The name “Castelli Romani” refers to the fact that each of these villages once housed a castle or a noble residence; unfortunately not all have survived to us.

Beyond the suggestive landscapes, the Colli Romani are famous for the wines that are produced here, mostly white. The wine cultivation of the area has been attested since ancient times and the wines produced were very appreciated. However, this production is increased after the Roman building expansion, and virtually all the vines were harvested in vineyards specializing in wine grapes, while the dairy ones began to play a marginal role.

The most popular vines here produce white wines and have been carefully selected over the last century. Among the cultivated species we find the Malvasia di Candia and the Malvasia nostrale, the Tuscan Trebbiano, the Yellow Trebbiano (or Greco) and the green Trebbiano.

Red vines are less common than whites, but the quality is the same; there are, among many others, the Cesanese, Merlot, Montepulciano and Sangiovese.

Producers bring into the market both DOC wines and wines – so to speak- more generic, with a simple DOC name of “Castelli Romani” (recently introduced) produced in larger quantities.