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Do you think that to eat a good plate of pasta you have to go to Italy? You can also enjoy the best Italian pasta in Malta

Where? ZERO SEI Trattoria Romana in Valletta!

Everyone knows that Carbonara in Malta has only one signature!

If you are on holiday in Malta you can enjoy dinner in a 100% Italian restaurant.

At Roman Trattoria Zero Sei, pasta is the star! With us, the pasta is prepared with commitment and skill! The Carbonara we prepare in Valletta is the best in Malta.




carbonara pasta valletta



Surely you already know the ingredients for a perfect Carbonara! Do you want to know how to make good pasta in Malta?

The secret is to use original ingredients!

First, the pasta must be cooked to the right point. At Zero Sei we choose “La Molisana” pasta.

Each “Roman sauce” requires a specific shape of pasta … We leave nothing to chance! ATTENTION TO PAIRINGS! Would you eat a Fusillo with Amatriciana sauce??? 

Absolutely not!

Even the best Amatriciana sauce would become a real failure!

Someone tried to make Carbonara Penne: NO JOKING WITH ROMAN CUISINE!

We cook pasta in Malta and we want to make it like in Rome. Those who come to Malta on Holiday must eat the same pasta they eat in Italy!


valletta pasta



Our Italian cuisine in Valletta is known to all: Ours is a simple philosophy: good dishes, selected and chosen to best express the Roman tradition in Malta.

We talked about Carbonara, Amatriciana and now it’s time to talk about the famous Roman pasta “Cacio e Pepe”!

Let’s talk about spaghetti! Zero Sei’s Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe is a delirium for the taste buds. As soon as we serve it to our loyal customers, their heart begins to beat fast … Nooo, they are not dying, it is Cacio e Pepe that is sending a clear and direct message: EAT ME!



Our pasta speaks.

The Carbonara you eat in Malta at ZERO SIX becomes your friend throughout the evening and you never forget it!

Eating in a Roman trattoria in Valletta is an experience not to be missed if you are on holiday in Malta. People come here for the sea, for history, to learn English … Between one experience and another, you can eat well!




An Italian restaurant in Malta just serves to make your stay even more special! You will hardly leave our restaurant without taking a photo of the forkful of pasta…

la migliore pasta a valletta



There are two categories of customers:

Those who taste the pasta of others and those who have to offer it!

You certainly know the tasters. They are the ones who as soon as the plate of pasta arrives in front of you already have a fork in their hand and ask “Can I taste?”. They are good people, but it is painful to please them all and give them the pasta even before having tasted it !!

Pasta donors are truly generous people! Some even pretend to be happy when others taste their Carbonara … Others, looking a little sorry, try to be kind, but inside they suffer a lot !!!

We give you some useful advice: If you come to eat pasta with us in Valletta, HIDE ALL THE FORKS of those who sit at your table !!!




Our Roman trattoria in Valletta is very welcoming when you enter you feel at home. A simple and tasteful style makes the hours you spend with us always pleasant. If you like outdoor dining in Valletta, don’t hesitate to ask; our outdoor tables are perfect for those who love to enjoy good Italian cuisine, surrounded by Maltese architecture.

The fresh air in the alleys is wonderful if you want to have a truly unforgettable evening!

best carbonara malta



Do you like to eat well, you like the sea, you like English and outdoor tables … Do you want to complete this work of art with our famous sympathy?

All our staff always welcomes you with a “smile”!

After eating the best Carbonara in Malta, the smile will come back to your face too!