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Buffalo mozzarella is a typical dairy product from southern Italy, produced in Campania, Lazio, Puglia and Molise. This mozzarella is produced with whole buffalo milk and the term derives from the cutting operation that serves to separate the dough.


Origins of buffalo mozzarella


The buffalo mozzarella, as we said, was born in southern Italy and is obviously linked to the introduction of buffaloes in the Italian territory. Regarding this event, scholars are divided and have developed different hypotheses. According to some, the Arabs introduced the buffaloes in Sicily and then the Normans, from there, brought them to Campania; others argue that they were the Lombards who brought the buffaloes to these territories as a labor force; finally, some claim that the buffalo was already known and bred in Italy since Roman times.

Regardless of how things went, we know for sure that the buffaloes were present in the Middle Ages and was raised in the wild, used as a labor force in the fields and considered of great importance for milk and its processing.

The “bufalari” used to milk the buffaloes and work the milk in the same room; with time, the “bufalare” were born: circular masonry constructions in which the product was worked. In these typical buildings we could find real professionals, whose skill depended on the success of dairy products.




The buffalo mozzarella is best enjoyed alone, cut into slices: in this way, being a product to be consumed fresh, it releases the aromas and flavors that distinguish it. This mozzarella, however, is the protagonist of many typical dishes of the Mediterranean diet including, of course, pizza.

If you are looking for a good wine to pair with buffalo mozzarella, we suggest you opt for a soft white wine, with an acid aftertaste capable of balancing the aromas of the mozzarella.