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Do you want to celebrate a birthday Party in Valletta?

Are you thinking of something simple, but also exciting?





First, you have to choose a restaurant to eat good food and feel the positive vibes of a special evening with the people you love the most!

Celebrating in Valletta means starting with a nice walk at sunset … Laughing, hugging and sharing special moments!


But when the walk ends it’s time to eat and then you have to choose the best!

We will welcome you with a nice aperitif to warm up the birthday party a little and then, a unique evening of fun between roman fried, pasta and unsurpassed desserts!


valletta roman restaurant


Birthday Party in Valletta


If you already know our supplì, fried zucchini flowers and also the famous Roman-style cod, you can already imagine what an appetizer awaits you at Zero Sei Roman trattoria in Malta!

Have you ever celebrated a birthday in Valletta in front of a nice plate of Carbonara pasta?


carbonara malta


It is the best way to give your party a more exclusive character!

We can also prepare many small pasta tastings to satisfy all the tastes of the guests or, simply, to let you taste all our exquisite Roman specialities!




Our pasta is freshly prepared and arrives at your table as hot and tasty as you’ve never eaten it before!


parties restaurant valletta


Have fun choosing your birthday menu in Valletta in a cosy and trendy Roman restaurant!


Your special day deserves special food, special wine and special people … Like you!


pasta valletta


Are you curious to find out what your birthday in Valletta would be like at ZERO SEI?