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Proof that we only use excellent products in our kitchens: Our favorite Guanciale on a page of the newspaper LA VERITA’, where the “Guida ai Salumi d’Italia” explains the value of a product that has no comparison.

The famous Guide, by Maretti publisher edited by Sabatino Sorrentino, once again wants to underline the uniqueness and refinement of the GUANCIALE produced by Salumificio SA.NO.


Did you know that the SA.NO. Guanciale obtained the “5 SPILLI” by the “Guida ai Salumi d’Italia” as BEST GUANCIALE IN ITALY? Salumificio SA.NO. is also included in the official ranking of the best 11 cured meats in Italy – 2022!


miglior guanciale d'italia



We are fanatics and proud to have immediately recognized the quality of SANO Guanciale at first taste!

For us, the choice of a product is never casual.


carbonara in valletta


We taste and evaluate it, enhancing it with our 100% Roman cuisine. The goodness expected from an Amatriciana, Carbonara, or Gricia is the perfect balance between flavor, aroma, and consistency, which can be summed up in one word: quality.


guida ai salumi d'italia

It is no coincidence that our pasta in Malta is beloved by all. Our authentic recipe and highest quality ingredients make every first course at Zero Sei in Valletta a truly memorable experience.

Once again, we celebrate the simple refinement and excellence of a unique product like SANO Guanciale.




Why choose authentic Guanciale for making Roman pasta? Because selecting the right ingredients is where the difference begins.

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