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Sotto Pinsa Romana Valletta

Sotto Pinsa Romana Valletta

La pizzeria di Zero Sei

Welcome to Sotto Valletta

La nostra pizza non è più buona delle altre, è semplicemente diversa.

Up to to 72 hours of leavening, four different types of flour and a lot of passion for what we do.

Who we are

We bring the true Roman pizza in the heart of Malta

Our Story
After years of experience in Rome, we decided to bring the true Roman pizza in the heart of Malta: fresh and selected ingredients, four different types of flour and a leavening of 72 hours make our pizza a unique and unforgettable experience. In our pizzeria, tradition and Roman hospitality merge to provide our guests with an authentic taste of our ancient culture, thanks to a work we do with passion.
Tradition is our strong point. In Rome, tradition is everything and is poured into every element of everyday life, first of all in food; for this reason, it is the added value of our pizzeria. Every day we try to put the Roman heritage in everything we do, in every pizza we cook, in order to pass it on to our guests … or at least a bite of it.

Tradition is the transmission over time, from generation to generation, of knowledge and memories, is the legacy of our ancestors who lives in us, in precise ritual gestures.

What distinguishes our pizzas, our secret ingredient, is the passion that we put in every step of their preparation. Since they are kneaded until they come out of the oven and reach your tables, the Roman pizzas we serve receive all our care and attention, because giving you an authentic dinner is our mission.

Passion is a strong inclination, a total transport of the soul, which is fully dedicated to the object of this dedication. This is what characterizes our pizzas.

hospitality is one of the distinctive characteristics of Rome and its inhabitants. Since ancient times, this city has become accustomed to cultural exchanges that have made it particularly prone to hospitality and conviviality. The typical Roman hospitality is present in every aspect of our pizzeria, from the atmosphere to the warmth of our staff: we try to make everyone feel part of a big family.

Hospitality, for Romans, is closely linked to tradition and passion: to the tradition because it was a feature almost sacred in ancient times, to the passion because we do everything we can do to make every single guest feel part of a family.

Gambero Rosso
Le migliori pizzerie del mondo secondo la guida “Top Italian Restaurants” sono 12: Bijou, a Parigi; Leggera Pizza Napoletana, a San Paolo; Luigia, a Ginevra; Napoli sta’cca, a Tokyo; Ribalta, a New York; Montesacro, a San Francisco; PizzAperta, a Sydney; Radio Alice, a Londra; Sotto, a Malta; Una Pizza Napoletana, a San Francisco.

I nostri rotolini

*all dishes may contain traces of allergens

Cotto e grana

Mozzarella, ham and parmesan

Speck e stracchino

Mozzarella, smoked ham and soft cheese

Guanciale e provolone

Mozzarella, Guanciale Amatriciano Sa.No. and Smoked Cheese

Melanzane e provolone

Mozzarella, Aubergines and Smoked Cheese

Zucchine e feta

Mozzarella, zucchini and feta cheese

Le Pizze Vegetariane

*all dishes may contain traces of allergens


Tomatoe sauce, Garlic and Origan


Tomato sauce,Mozzarella and Basil


Tomato sauce, Mozzarella and Mushrooms


Tomato sauce, Mozzarella, Aubergines and Parmesan


Tomato sauce, aubergines and salty ricotta

Focaccia al rosmarino

Salt, oli and rosmarine

Margherita con bufala

Tomato sauce, mozzarella and buffalo mozzarella

Quattro formaggi

Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, smoked provola and parmesan

Cacio and pepe

Mozzarella, Pecorino Romano Deroma Dop and black pepper


Mozzarella and seasoned vegetables

Le Pizze

*all dishes may contain traces of allergens


Tomato sauce, mozzarella and anchovies


Tomato sauce, mozzarella and spicy salami


Tomato sauce, mozzarella and bratwurst


Tomato sauce, mozzarella and tuna


Tomato sauce, mozzarella, Guanciale Amatriciano Sa.No. and Pecorino Romano Deroma Dop


Tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, egg, ham and olives

Funghi e prosciutto

Tomato sauce, mozza,mushrooms and parma ham


Tomato sauce, mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella, rocket and smoked ham


Tomato sauce, mozzarella, buffalo mozzarella and parma ham

Salciccie e patate

Mozzarella, sausages and potatoes


Mozzarella, mushrooms, potatoes and ham

Bresaola più

Mozzarella, bresaola, rocket and parmesan


Mozzarella, aubergines, egg, ham, parmesan


Mozzarella, rocket, parma ham and truffle sauce


Mozzarella, Pecorino Romano Deroma Dop, Guanciale Amatriciano Sa.No., egg, black pepper

Le Pizze Gourmet

*all dishes may contain traces of allergens

Piazza di Spagna

Mozzarella, Smoked Ham, Zucchini e Smoked Provola


Mozzarella, Broccoli, Anchovies and Cherry Tomatoes


Mozzarella, Porcini, Pork Cheeck and Pecorino Romano Deroma Dop

I Calzoni

*all dishes may contain traces of allergens


Mozzarella cheese and ham


Mozzarella, tomato sauce, mushrooms, ham and egg


Soft cheese, mortadella and pistachio

La Pasta al Forno

*all dishes may contain traces of allergens

Lasagna al ragù

Cannelloni ricotta e spinaci


Le Insalate

*all dishes may contain traces of allergens

La feta

Salad, tomatoes, feta, olives, onion and red pepper

La Pinna gialla

Salad, tomatoes, mozzarella, carrots, tuna and balsamic vinegar

L’orto del nonno

Salad, tomatoes, rocket, sweet corn, carrots, olives

La Ciociara

Rocket, tomatoes, chickpeas, parmesan cheese

I nostri dessert

*all dishes may contain traces of allergens



Soft drinks

Draft beer (S)

Draft beer (M)


House wine

GLass of wine



Latte macchiato

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Are you a fan of our Pinsa Romana in Malta?

Are you a fan of our Pinsa Romana in Malta? Are you passionate about that crunchy, flavourful pizza complemented by high-quality products? Do you like to eat it for lunch, dinner, as a snack and, sometimes, even for breakfast? Then you are truly a pizza connoisseur!...

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Sotto Pinsa Romana Valletta
32, South Street
Il-Belt Valletta, Malta

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Sotto Pinsa Romana Valletta
32, South Street
Il-Belt Valletta, Malta